Mentionlytics brings advanced Web and Social Media Monitoring functionality to Small-Medium Businesses and individuals, as well as larger Brands.

Building a successful web presence is essential for the growth of any business . As the need for brands to monitor their online fame is getting more demanding, it is also expanding to smaller companies and also individuals (artists, politicians, celebrities etc) who could use this wealth of online information them to improve their image, market their products and build a strong online community.

Although there are several Social Media Monitoring solutions in the market, most of these focus on medium to large businesses, with subscriptions starting at several hundred US$ per month, while more inexpensive options offer very basic functionality, usually limiting to monitoring only one or two social channels, leaving an enormous amount of information unexplored. However, searching around the web and comparing price and quantity of good results, we found a new and really promising Brand Monitoring company that we tested; and the results? It was an easy platform for everyone to use compared to the other brand monitoring companies. Mentionlytics is the brand that caught our eye, we will demonstrate how it is useful for your company and you can just give it a try if you are searching for Brand Monitoring tool.


What is Mentionlytics?

Mentionlytics, an advanced Web and Social Media Monitoring tool, brings this services to Startups and small-medium companies as well as individuals (artists, politicians, celebrities etc), offering a scalable pricing model starting from a very affordable subscription for just $29 (limited time offer) with full functionality enabled.

Mentionlytics gives its users the ability to see what people are saying online about their brand, their competitors and their industry by tracking references to their name or products throughout Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram etc.). Additionally, it enables advanced Web mention monitoring functionality, a unique feature for finding your mentions through any website such as news sites, blogs, commerce sites, forums, company webpages, government websites etc.

In addition, the top influencers data gives marketers the leads they need to form partnerships with key persons and social media evangelists so that they can boost their online presence.

Furthermore, Mentionlytics offers more advanced functionality such as: sentiment analysis (automatic classification of mentions into negative and positive), Trello integration, customized e-mail notifications, historic archiving of mentions, filtering and searching within results, auto-screenshot grabbing of web mentions, infographic generation and exporting mentions to Excel or PDF.

Additionally, one of the most useful applications however, is to use it for discovering Marketing Leads by tracking keywords related to your market sector.


What you can do with Mentionlytics:

  • Setup your Account in seconds by only stating your brand or product name
  • Track your brand’s, competitors’ and industry’s mentions on the Internet, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, news site, blog or ANY other website.
  • Join relevant conversations that we discover to talk about your brand.
  • Find Marketing and Sales Leads by monitoring keywords related to your target market.
  • Keep close track of what your competitors are doing.
  • Find top influencers and ‘mentioners’

You can try Mentionlytics for Free to see what it can do for your brand instantly by just typing your Company or Product name at:


If you wanna learn more about mentionlytics just follow these two links :

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