T-Shirt Vending Machine Reveals Shocking Truth About Cheap Clothing


Shoppers Berlin tempted by a vending machine

offering t-shirts priced at two euros found themselves instead watching a film that informs them of the shocking price of cheap fashion.

When people placed their coins inside the machine, placed in the city’s Alexanderplatz square last week, it triggered a video revealing footage of textile factories where women and children work without a break for 13 cents an hour. After 20 seconds, the consumers are asked if they want to go ahead and buy the t-shirt, or donate the two euros to Fashion Revolution, a global initiative which organzies Fashion Revolution Day on April 24 to mark the collapse of the Rama Plaza factory in Bangladesh in 2013. Ninety percent of the 150 people who initially wanted to buy cheap t-shirts decided against a purchase.

The stunt was devised on behalf of Fashion Revolution by BBDO Berlin production company Unit9 Berlin.

via creativity-online.com

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